Saturday, May 25, 2013

Princess Mia.

Princess Mia (Vol. IX)
By: Meg Cabot
Princess Mia (The Princess Diaries, #9)
This is the first book in this series that I felt I could make a full-sized review on and that's because I think this one was my favorite so far.

Mia: I finally fully loved Mia's character in a book. I think she changed and grew a lot from the last book and she's finally realizing things that need to be realized. I almost think she's more relatable now that she's gone through her transformation. Her breakdown was believable and consistent with her character through the series.
Michael: As I've said in my review of the other books, I love Michael. I think he's great for Mia. That being said, I think I liked this book more because Michael WASN'T in it that much. This is because I do think that Mia needed some time apart from him to mature a bit and find out who she is when they're separate.
Lilly: And I think things finally went down with Lilly that I think have needed to go down for a while. Lilly has been frustrating me since the beginning (as she's meant to). Mia's always been loyal to her (I'd say that loyalty is one of Mia's best traits) and yet I'm not sure Lilly has never really deserved it. But, in truth, she's a very consistent and well-written character. You know why she's doing the things she's doing (even if Mia doesn't).

More Characters:
Boris: Such a sweetie. I love him and Tina together and I absolutely love how he's such a good friend to Mia (and everyone for that matter). He's the character in this series that I think I've slowly grown to love the most.
JP: I like him a surprising amount...Like, way more than I thought I would. I thought I would hate him just because he's, you know, not Michael. But, Meg Cabot did a great job of making him not some placeholder character. He was a great character in his own right. I can't say I'm rooting for him, but I will say I love him.
Tina: SO SWEET. Another one of my favorites (and she has been since the very first book). She's such a perfect friend to Mia (who has always needed a friend the exact opposite of what Lilly is).

This is one of the series that I honestly never thought I'd ever read. It was one of the ones that I thought I had stumbled onto too late to truly enjoy. But I'm finding myself really sad that the next book I have to read is the last one. Sure, these books are ridiculous and silly and not high-literature or whatever, but these characters became real to me in a way that few do. They felt like real people and real friends that I could laugh with and cry with. I'm glad that I gave them a chance and took the time to read this ridiculous and silly and just plain fun series.


"How does someone make that transition? The transition from missing the person who they love so desperately that being without them feels like an empty ace inside their chest, to feeling hopeful that new love might very well be waiting for them right around the next corner?"

"You can't tell cute guys the truth about stuff, either."

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