Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Deception ARC Giveaway

Recently C.J. Redwine opened up a contest for the giveaway of an annotated ARC of Deception (the sequel to Defiance). Naturally I really want it, so I decided to enter. The contest involves creating something based on Defiance (whether it be a poem, drawing, painting, photo). My original idea was to do a photo-shoot with some dramatic looking poses, but regrettably I don't know any red-heads who live near me. Then I decided to paint a picture instead, and here it is:

This is a painting of Rachel honoring those who have been taken away from her by the end of Defiance. The stars represent those who have been lost and who remind them why ending the Commander's reign is so vital.

Here is a close-up shot of the hair. Rachel's hair was always a big part of her descriptions in the book so I wanted to do it justice. (Also, while reading Defiance I maybe, sort of, kind of, definitely pictured Rachel's hair like Merida's hair in Brave).

And here is a close up of the words on the picture. I wanted them to be both the same color as the fire of the torch AND Rachel's hair, because the fire she is holding out for them is her anger at the Commander. Her need for revenge still burns bright inside her keeping her going.

So, If you haven't read this book yet I definitely recommend it! It's action-packed and heart-wrenching and full of wonderful, well-developed characters that you grow to love. If you want to know more about why I adored Defiance, I've already reviewed it on this blog, so here's a link (*caution minor spoilers ahead*):

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