Monday, September 22, 2014

The Maze Runner --- Movie Review

The Maze Runner --- Movie Review

Here's the thing: The Maze Runner trilogy is okay. I liked it while reading it. It didn't make me feel that much, it didn't make me think at all, and the writing was annoying and confusing. BUT, the plot kept me reading because I wanted to understand what was happening. When I saw that this was going to be made into a movie, however, I was very excited. I thought the story would work better in a visual format. Then I found out that Dylan O'Brien was cast as Thomas, I was even more excited (seriously though, he's too attractive).

I WAS RIGHT, BY THE WAY. The movie was great. Absolutely wonderful. I loved everything they did with it. They simplified the plot in just the right way. They condensed it extremely well, leaving out the redundancy and keeping the tension. The casting was wonderful, and not just Dylan. Alby, Newt, Minho, Fry Pan, Gally, Chuck. They were all FANTASTIC!

The visual aspect was so compelling, as well. I loved how the maze looked, very much like how I pictured it. I loved the Greavers and the glade, even WICKED headquarters. The script was great, as well. It conveyed everything without loads and loads of exposition, even though that would have been easier for them to do.

Again, I'll say that Dylan O'Brien is, in all seriousness, the bae. His acting was brilliant in every way. He conveyed all of the emotions and the stubbornness that makes up Thomas.

I think they stuck to the plot of the book extremely well, keeping to all the things that needed to happen and all the things that needed to be set up.

I'm just very impressed and I can't wait until The Scorch Trials movie.

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