Thursday, February 13, 2014

Top Nine Fictional Couples


In honor of today being Valentine's Day, I thought I would run through a list of some of my favorite fictional romantic relationships. Because fictional love can teach us a lot about real life love (and because it's incredibly fun to talk about).

Disclaimer #1: These aren't in any particular order.
Disclaimer #2: These are just my opinions, you are still free to think whatever you want about these characters/relationships.

Anna and the French Kiss (Anna and the French Kiss, #1)1. Etienne and Anna
These kids are just plain adorable. One thing I love about their relationship is that they share their sense of humor. They understand each other so much and that shows itself in how easily they can make the other laugh. They support each other, tease each other, and generally make each other's lives better.

Finnikin of the Rock (Lumatere Chronicles, #1)2. Finnikin and Isaboe
I have major love for this couple. They love each other so deeply, so sacrificially. They each realize that the other is strong and smart and brave. I particularly love how Finnikin and Isaboe treat each other. They have fights, but for the most part they truly respect each other and try to protect each other as much as they can.

3. Percy and Annabeth
The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #5)How can you not love Percabeth? Honestly, I haven't heard one person who read the books and had doubts about them or their relationship. What I love about them is how they slowly transitioned from friends to best friends to a couple. Their progression is flawless and natural. You root for them from the very beginning, and that build-up really pays off.

4. Ron and Hermione
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter, #7)*CONTROVERSY* (frankly, controversy where there shouldn't be controversy. You heard me, Miss J.K.), but I am going to try not to mention that (any further) here.

I've always felt that Ron, as a character, is vastly underrated by a lot of people. But I love him and Hermione because they are opposites who understand each other. Ron is awesome, but he's not the hero. Something that he's always felt self-conscious about, but Hermione chooses him. And he deserves her. And she deserves him. Their friendship ensured that they saw every part of each other, and still they chose to love one another.
 (I could go on for days about how much I love Ron and Hermione together, but I'll stop there for now.) 

5. Harry and Ginny
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter, #6)Another relationship that doesn't get the praise it deserves. I never thought that Harry ended up with Ginny just because she was a Weasley or because she was already an established character. Harry ends up with Ginny because she's funny and clever and brave as heck. She's the kind of outright, determined girl that the Boy who Lived has always needed.

6. Aza and Ijori
FairestOh goodness. They were, by far, my favorite fictional couple when I was younger. I identified so much with Aza. I understood her struggles, her actions, her thoughts. So knowing that she ended up with an Ijori, with a guy who loved her that deeply not despite how she looked or what she felt and did, but because of those things was the magic of this story for me.

7. Levi and Cath
FangirlALL OF THE ADORABLENESS. What I love about this relationship is how Levi wanted into Cath's world, was willing to jump in with both feet to support her. She didn't have to change one weird habit or quirk for him to recognize that she is amazing. And he was perfect for Cath because she could get so caught inside her own mind, but he brought her out of that by just being his happy, kind self.

8. Alanna and George
Lioness Rampant (Song of the Lioness, #4)This relationship, man. Alanna never needed someone to protect her or support her, she needed someone who understood her. That's what George does. He accepts both sides of Alanna, the knight side and the woman side. In fact, he goes beyond that to recognize that they make up just one person, those sides make up the one Alanna that he loves.
Also, they're hilarious as all get out when they are together.

9. Emma and Mr. Knightley
EmmaIt was difficult, but I made myself choose between my two favorite Austen couples for this (the other being Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy). But Emma and Knightley are newer in my heart, so I went with them.
I think the beautiful thing about Emma and Mr. Knightley's relationship is that it's built on honesty. They've been friends for ages. So they feel comfortable being honest about the other's shortcomings and virtues. They don't coddle one another, but they give advice with loving truth.

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  1. oh, i loved Emma and Mr. Knightley but i was also creeped out at the same time, i mean he knew her as a child and love her seance than! weird!