Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Great Gatsby--Movie Review

The Great Gatsby
Movie Review
I read The Great Gatsby this January for school and absolutely loved it. The writing is gorgeous and the symbolism is masterful. It's easily seen why it became a classic. I'm glad the movie did that justice. It definitely took a different approach than most book-to-movie adaptations. The filmography took risks and the director made some interesting style and artistic based choices (namely the modern music and the almost dream-like quality of the flashbacks). I think these risks really paid off. The tone of the book was clearly displayed in the movie. I thought the  design of the sets and the costumes were fantastic.
This movie did a really great job of giving a modern feel to the roaring twenties. This tone really enhanced the theme of this story, that the American dream and the carelessness of wealth corrupt, again and again. All the acting was terrific and the script was really well-done. They worked hard to include all of the more important symbols (Eckleburg's eyes and the green light were both very well-done).
I enjoyed all of the tiny changes that they made (not in story or plot, but in emphasis). I loved that Nick was so affected by Gatsby's death and how he wrote out the story to work through it.
There was only one change that bugged me a bit. The movie portrayed Gatsby's relentless hope in the past as a good thing, as something admirable. I think this conflicts with the major themes of the book, but it was just a tiny bit off so I'll get over it.

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