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Bookish Playlist #1.

Book Theme Songs
I've always associated certain songs with books in my head, but recently I decided to make an actual list to share on my blog. These songs are not always going to be direct matches lyrics-wise. For certain songs that I've chosen just the overall tone and melody of the song reminded me of the tone of the book. I'll try to explain exactly why I think the song matches, then at the end of each explanation I'll give a piece of the lyrics that I think best exemplifies the song.

--------The Maze Runner Trilogy--------
Q by: Cartel and A by: Cartel
This song has a steady beat and its lyrics talk about getting answers to questions or, in actuality, never getting answers. That fits the never-ending questions and manipulations in this book.

"They knew it then and they've been holding back for years, if you're not getting answers ask better questions."

A Fool's Dance by: Phillip Phillips
This book is very bittersweet, especially the ending. The fighting is over and the war is won, but they've lost too much to count it a full victory. This song is also very bittersweet. The lyrics speak to Katniss trying to figure out who she is and who this war has made her.

"Who am I? Who are you? What are we, anymore? Just a darkness in my life like a hole in the floor."
Black Keys by: Jonas Brothers
I know, I know, It's the Jonas Brothers. But I promise this song is beautiful. And it fits Delirium because the song is about a girl finding beauty in what is "wrong" (in this case The Deliria) and needing escape. Finding meaning in things that others say shouldn't have meaning.

"The black keys never looked so beautiful and a perfect rainbow never seemed so dull. And the lights out never had this bright a glow and the black keys showing a world I never knew."

--------The Last Olympian--------
Brighter by: Paramore
This pick is more about the tone and melody of it. It has the right amount of energy and bass to make it feel like the battle scenes in The Last Olympian. It gets heavier, but it never gets too serious about itself. As far as the lyrics go, everyone says that Percy is one of the most powerful demigods in history so he "shines brighter than anyone."

"We'll always know that you shine brighter than anyone does."

--------Mark of Athena--------
Burn this City by: Cartel
This book and this song both have fun and kind of epic vibes. It talks about a group of people living life to the fullest and  having adventures.

"We were smart kids with too much to say."

Camisado by: Panic! at the Disco
I've always thought this book is borderline satire, meaning it has some satirical aspects. It is by no means 'funny', but at some point it seems to mock certain aspects of society. And that mocking-but-serious style is perfected in most Panic! at the Disco songs. And this song really strikes a chord with the overall tone of this book. It's dark and a bit mocking.

"Can't take the kid from the fight, take the fight from the kid. Just sit back, just sit back."
Do It Now Remember It Later by: Sleeping with Sirens
If you've read this book then you'll probably think of a certain scene when you play this song. For me this song matches up with The Graveyard mob scene. The kids are tired of being told that a world without Unwinding will never exist, so they try to take it.

"Seen this place before back when I was young and I had something more to prove. Now that I'm older. I've seen all the things that I want and I'm ready to make my move"

--------The Phantom Tollbooth--------
Drops of Jupiter by: Train
The reason for this choice was just how whimsical it is and how it talks about going to another world to find yourself, which is exactly what happens to Milo.

"Tell me, did you fall for a shooting star, one without a permanent scar and did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there."

--------The Hunger Games--------
Fences by: Paramore
This one is pretty self-expanatory.

"You're always on display for everyone to watch and learn from. Don't you know by now, you can't turn back because this road is all you'll ever have."

Something Right by: Chelsea Lankes
The sweet aspects of this song sounds like Aza and Ijori's relationship to me. (Also I could picture them doing a duet on it and sounding just like Chelsea and Will on the actual track)

"How did I find you out? I wasn't even looking. How did I find this love? When it was least expected" 

---------Poison Study--------
Guns and Horses by: Ellie Goulding
This is another choice more about the melody of the song than about the lyrics. But I think, "every fire is a lesson learned" sounds like something Valek would say to Yelena.

"Let's join forces, we've got our guns and horses. I know you've been burned, but every fire is a lesson learned."
--------The Fault in our Stars--------
House of Hallways by: Go Radio
This is the one on this list that I think works the best with the book. There is a line about a "noble stranger" and I picture Hazel first meeting Augustus. Then there is a line a about "we're better off forgotten" which is exactly what Augustus struggled with all through the book. This song is haunting and stays in your mind even when you're done listening to it, just like the book.

"And the weight of it all is enough just to crush the best out of you and me. But I swear that there's someone who cares here enough to set us free. And if the world don't turn just enough to bring her honest then I guess we're better off forgotten."

--------Paper Towns--------
Misguided Ghosts by: Paramore
This song feels like something Margo would listen to as she was leaving. It addresses a lot of how she views the world and herself.

"See, I'm trying to find my place, but it might not be here where I feel safe. We all learn to make mistakes and run from them, from them with no direction" 
--------Anna and the French Kiss---------
So Easy by: Phillip Phillips
 This song strikes me as a song that could describe Anna and Etienne's relationship/friendship, because the way they were around each other was so easy. They were really comfortable around each other.

"You make it so easy this letting go is so beautiful, cause you make it so easy, to fall so hard"

--------Divergent and Insurgent--------
Arise by: Flyleaf
I'm cheating a little and using a song that Veronica Roth already put on her Divergent playlist at the back of certain versions. BUT, she has said that she listened to this song a lot while she was writing the book and I don't think you can match a book better than using a book that was part of the inspiration. So I have an excuse ;)

"Hold on to the world we all remember fighting for. There's still strength left in us yet."

Where are the Heroes by: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
In Prodigy *spoileralert* neither side is fully good, there aren't any groups that have fully good motives. So June and Day have to reconcile themselves with the fact that they have to be people standing for good and find other people doing so. That shows in this song.

"When all I find are villains and zeros. Where are the heroes."

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