Monday, July 28, 2014

TTT: Ten Authors I Own The Most Books From

Ten Authors I Own The Most Books From
I'm going to let this list speak for itself. Though I do have plenty of authors that I own four books from, I just picked the first four I saw on my shelves.

1. JK Rowling --- 17 books
(I own two copies of each Harry Potter book. The original American hardcovers and the new illustrated paperback boxset. I also own the audiobook of the first three books.).

2. Rick Riordan --- 14 books

3. Brandon Sanderson --- 8 books
(I own two copies of each book in the Mistborn trilogy. The gorgeous English editions for looking at and the mass market paperbacks for lending out).

4. Jane Austen --- 7 books

5. Gail Carson Levine --- 6 books

6. Tamora Pierce --- 5 books

7. Rainbow Rowell --- 4 books

8. Shakespeare --- 4 books

9. JRR Tolkien --- 4 books

10. Shannon Hale --- 4 books


  1. I have some Riordan books on my kindle but I only counted the books on my shelves. Too hard once I count the kindle! Thanks for sharing.

  2. We definitely share JKR, and I may only own one set of her HP series + companion novels but I want to own SO MANY MORE :D I own 6 Riordan books and plan on aquiring all his others. I own 9 Sanderson books with only a few missing (out of those he has out atm) which I clearly plan on getting ALL his books xD I also own 4 Tolkien, 2 Shakespeare, 1 Rainbow Rowell (with more to come). Tamora Pierce is one I definitely want/need to check out and same goes for Shannon Hale!